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Young Tradition Weekend 2018

looking in on Margaret MacArthur tribute and list of sponsors at City Hall

As we work on forcing the dust to settle more than it seems to want, while waiting for a big batch of images to arrive, but before it gets too far behind, a shout out and appreciation to all for making the 2018 Young Tradition Weekend the best yet…….. performers, volunteers, crew, zoo keepers, families, contestants, sponsors, co-producers, hosts, guests, planners, vendors, guests, agents…… and especially whoever takes responsibility for delivering on Saturday the most beautiful day of the year, so far.  And major appreciation to manager Yasi Zeichner for working on putting the weekend (months!) together since last fall.  It sure is starting to feel like a festival, isn’t it? :))  We’ll see where that goes in 2019.  For now, a well done, to everyone!

I was thinking about this in relation to the Margaret MacArthur tribute on Sunday, but I think it applies to the entire concept of the weekend, why we work so hard on it, why we make it a priority given all the other options, and why we try to make it as good as it can be……

Our focus as an organization is young people involved with traditional music and dance.  But if we can accept that tradition is a thread that is hundreds, even thousands of years old, surely the lifespan of any of us around today pales in the grand scheme of things.  Some, like Margaret MacArthur, and many of the family and friends gathered for the Sunday tribute concert and the entire weekend, plow a deeper row than most.

Over the weekend, as we celebrated and recognized young folks involved with trad music and dance, and those we paid tribute to, everyone lives on in the songs that are sung, the tunes that are played, the dances that are done, the memories that are shared, the way we chose to carry ourselves, and the way we pass what’s important on to the next generation and the next person in line.