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23 October 2012

“Music for Sprouts” launched in Shelburne

The only event presentation YTV was involved in this past week was the successful launch of the Music for Sprouts series at Bread and Butter Farm in Shelburne.  Chris Dorman did his usual incredible job of making sure people knew about the opportunity, and did some great preparation.

Music for Sprouts session in the bakery at Bread and Butter Farm

He has flawless instincts about what will work with young children and their parents.  The goal is to continue to to take the program further by deepening the benefits of the activities and making more direct linkages with approaches such as Reggio EmiliaEurhythmics and others.  Thirty-three families have signed for the current 8-week session.  Although the fall session got underway last week, the last we heard there was a little bit of space available.
For details about joining or signing up for the winter 2013 session: visit the Music for Sprouts website, email or call 802-497-7217
Its honor for us to have a hand in supporting the series through YTV.  If you go, you can plan on leaving the session with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!