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23 October 2012


YTV has begun a collaboration with musicians and dancers from Quebec we’re calling the TradNation Project.  It involves 15 musicians and dancers, including 6 young artists, from the Québécois traditional music scene.  It is designed to bring Québécois traditional music and dance performances, and participatory dances, workshops and more.  The project’s activities will cover 12 months and consist of concerts, workshops and dances in a variety of places in New England, the US/Canadian border states, and Southern and Western states.

For YTV, TradNation members share repertoire and offer young Vermont artists interested in Québécois traditional music a chance to perform with Québec artists both in the US and in Québec at the Festival Mémoire et Racines and several other venues in the Lanaudière region and in Montréal.  Regular rehearsals will be held in Burlington to maintain an ongoing cultural exchange between all of the artists.