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23 October 2012

Young Artist Spotlight: Appalachia North

Appalachia North is a promising up-and-coming old time- and bluegrass-inspired trio from the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire who won 1st place at the 2012 Young Tradition Weekend contest. With bluegrass and traditional music running deep in their families’ backgrounds, they’ve been around the block, and have come together to have a great time on stage!

Nick Dauphinais (guitar and lead vocals) is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire.  He has been flat-picking guitar since he was eight. Inspired by his mandolin-, banjo- and guitar-playing father, as well as the bluegrass band that practiced every Wednesday evening at his house, Nick learned fast. Now, at age 23, Nick has a little over 15 years of experience under his belt. He has a degree in music education.

Lucas Dauphinais (bass and vocals) is Nick’s younger brother.  He, too, has grown up enjoying bluegrass music, but it wasn’t until early 2011 that he decided to pick up the electric bass so he could jam with friends, family and local bands. He’s now playing acoustic upright bass, and is taking his playing seriously.  But not too seriously! Lucas attends the University of New Hampshire, and is working toward a degree in music performance and French.

Jaden Gladstone (fiddle, banjo and vocals) plays mean fiddle and laid back claw hammer banjo styles, which have earned has earned him top-honors at several competitions throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. At 18 years old, he is the youngest member of the band, though his skill doesn’t show it!  Jaden has just started his college career at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Video clip of the band playing/singing Ola Belle Reed’s ‘High on a Mountain’ at the 2012 Young Tradition Weekend: