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23 October 2012

Young Artist Spotlight: Les Poules a Colin

The winners of the 2008 Young Tradition Weekend contest, the five members of this young group from Lanaudière, Quebec (Beatrix Methe, Sarah Marchand, Eleanor Pitre, Mary and Colin Savoie-Levac) came together at the 2007 Festival Memoire et Racines, inspired by the traditional music learned from their parents, all well known artists in the Quebec traditional music scene.  They have been bathed in the tradition since birth, learning their craft from accomplished, respected artists in a region known worldwide for keeping its traditions alive.  In 2010 they were recognized by the Conseil des arts et des letters du Quebec, the Youth Forum and CRE de Lanaudière, and recorded their first professional album. In September of 2010, they won the culture award at the Desjardins Emerging Creation Awards.  They play traditional music, as well as classical, jazz, pop, rock, grunge, contemporary, and have created many new compositions.  They are all purusing musical education in high school, college and private lessons and continue to perform, record and tour.

Video clip from last year’s Young Tradition Reunion:

Video clip from YTV Weekend awards reception, 2010: