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23 October 2012

Young Artist Spotlight: Saline Fiddlers

Since 1994, the Saline Fiddlers have set the standard for extracurricular music programs in the US. The group began with a simple idea: introduce an alternative style of music education to public school students. It has grown into a model of instruction and motivation that is being emulated across the nation. Yet more importantly, it is an example of what young adults can and will achieve if given a direction and the opportunity to explore, and pursue their own interests.

With each passing year the appeal of the Saline Fiddlers grows. The members continue to work independently and as a group polishing existing skills and learning new material. While primarily an instrumental ensemble, Saline Fiddlers adjusts to the individual talents of its members. Over the years the group has introduced many fine singing voices, as well as the immensely popular Fiddlers Cloggers, choreographed by Sheila Graziano.

The group members, all students at Saline High School, near Ann Arbor, Michigan, earn their places through competitive auditions. Each member balances academics, sports, school organizations, church activities, jobs and social lives with a demanding commitment to music.

They have done more than 1000 performances all over the United States and several foreign countries. They have performed three times at the White House and twice on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center.  Their tours have spanned the US, as well as several trips abroad.  They maintain a year round performance schedule, averaging 80 performances a year.

The Saline Fiddlers have released numerous recordings since 1999, with profits helping finance the organization. Typically a new recording is released every two years.

The Saline Fiddlers are a nonprofit music education and performance organization. Supported by hours of volunteer labor, donations from fans and sponsors, sales of recordings and fees for performing, the Fiddlers also provide community service by means of music in and around their hometown.