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18 October 2012

YTV Annual Meeting Held at Shelburne Farms 09/30/2012

Had a great annual meeting at the Inn at Shelburne Farms on Sunday….. lots of recommendations and decisions about focus for the coming year.  We welcomed new board members Sophia Donforth and Darren Schibler.

The primary focus of the YTV annual meeting this year was to take stock of what we’ve been doing, what we continue to do, and to sharpen our focus on some things we feel YTV could make some progress on in the coming year.
We came up with some things we thought we’d spend some time on in the coming year that would support children, youth and young adults who could be interested or are already involved in traditional singing, dancing and/or playing……
  1. Instrument loans….. create an instrument petting zoo that would be available for visits to schools, libraries, festivals, farmers markets and other events
  2. After-school programs
  3. A VT-traditional music and dance program, similar to the VT-Feed program between Vermont farms and schools…… like farm-to-school we’d fiddles-to-school, or dances-to-school, or songs-
  4. to-school
  5. ‘Simple-riffs’, a common repertoire of music and dance songs, tunes and dances that everyone would have access to