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12 November 2012

Board member speaks: Why YTV is Important?

Brian Perkins
Kids need second chances.  All too often they have only one chance to become involved in music.  If they don’t join the school band program at the right time then the door closes to them and they miss the access to instruction, to instruments and to the comradery which makes music a possibility in their lives.  YTV provides another pathway into the world of musical creativity.

Brian blows his horn

This can supplement other programs and it can also meet the needs of kids for whom school music programs are unavailable or unappealing.  One of YTVs programs, the Fiddleheads session, exposes kids to traditional fiddle music and gives them a reason to work on their playing.  They know that every month they will spend time with a group of peers who understand and appreciate what they do.  My experience has taught me that this peer group support is a crucial motivator for young people who are exploring ways to express themselves.