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Young Artist Spotlight: Hannah Beth Crary

Hannah Beth Crary is a traditional fiddler from northern Vermont who will soon be graduating from St. Michael’s College.  She has been involved with Young Tradition Vermont at a deeper level, for longer, and with more spectacular success than anyone we can think of.  She has performed at a wide variety of YTV events, including YT Weekend, YT Showcases, Baird 5 sessions, Farewell Reunion, and was one of the first members of Fiddleheads over 10 years ago.  She has completed a cycle in rarely duplicated by others associated with Fiddleheads and Young Tradition Vermont, where she now teaches, coaches and inspires younger musicians who are at the beginning of their learning and interest in playing traditional music.

The music she plays today has consistently spoken to her when since she lived in Scotland as a child.  She has grown up with her fiddle, adapting, changing and developing her abilities to the point where she is among the best of an impressive group of young musicians with strong ties to Vermont.   Her fiddling is rooted the music of Scotland, Cape Breton, and Ireland.  She has performed and recorded with a variety of other artists, including Longford Row and Al Conti on his GRAMMY nominated album entitled ‘Northern Seas’, and has recorded several solo CDs.

Hannah Beth’s senior recital is scheduled for 4/7/13 at 3pm at the McCarthy Recital Hall Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, featuring a variety of musical friends and collaborators, including teachers/mentors/YTV board members Bill Ellis and Mark Sustic.  And YOU are invited!  There’s no cost and plenty of room, so plan to come and support and celebrate a major accomplishment by an amazing young musician!

For more info contact Hannah Beth here via e-mail, here at her web site, or here on Facebook, including details about lessons and bookings.