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St. Patty’s Petting Zoo and Call for Instruments

The second installment of Young Tradition Vermont’s petting zoo on March 16, as part of the Irish Festival, was a resounding success.  Kids had a chance to try out different instruments, including accordion and fiddle, that are part of the “zoo.”  Young Tradition Vermont board member Darren Shibler and Adina Gordon have been organizing our thoughts and materials for the zoo, trying to make it something that can continue to be successful, but also manageable and sustainable.  Young Tradition Vermont and the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival co-presented this installation, another excellent match for our respective missions and goals.

Thanks to Darren and Adina for making the zoo more than an good idea…….. and to Elizabeth Schwarz and Elizabeth O’Dowd for making possible for this one happen as part of the Irish Festival.  If you have, or know others who have, playable acoustic instruments that might enjoy being part of the petting zoo, and gateway for some young people’s budding passion for traditional music and dance, send a message here.  We’d love to hear from you!