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Appreciation for Farewell Reunion

Young Tradition Vermont was honored again to join with Grace Church on presenting the Farewell Reunion in Sheldon.  We started the event 12 years ago (the first year wasn’t a reunion), and Grace Church has been our loyal and resourceful partner in keeping it going. Like most of our events, we light a candle as a way to hold children who are no longer with us and their families in our thoughts.  We also light the candle to remember friends who have inspired and sustained us in some way over the years, folks who have passed away since we last gathered for the reunion…… Doc Watson, Antoinette McKenna, and Arnold Golodetz.

Thanks to the sponsors who helped make this possible Ben & Jerry’s for the ice cream, Cosmic Bakery (Mike and Pam McCarthy) for the desserts, Foothills Bakery (Amy and Jason Bell) for the soup and bread, the publicity support and the use of their freezer overnight, Messenger Print & Design (Lynne Fletcher) for the posters, All Arts Council (Dick Harper) for the publicity support, and People’s Trust Company for the financial support.

We use this event to raise money for the Tom Sustic Scholarship Fund, and it was great to have so many folks interested in attending, helping and performing, on what couldn’t have been a more miserable night…… steady rain, falling temperatures, and even some snow on the way home.  The scholarship has been used to support young people intending to become teachers of young children and winners at the annual Young Tradition Weekend Contest….. we distributed about $3,000 in awards at this year’s contest.

Every performer donated their time and talents to the cause…… no one got  paid for performing.  As always, we asked everyone to buy at least one recording from one of the performers as part of their donation obligations for the night.   If you missed the chance, or didn’t get to attend, most who have recordings have them available on line.  If you have trouble finding anything, let us know.

Thanks to everyone who made up the crew for the night….. Patricia Freed-Thall for taking donations and handing out programs, Connie Warden for the burgers and chicken, Bob Naess and Margo Caulfield for coming early to help set up, Curtis Ploof for the tent, Elizabeth Malone and her crew for video recording, Maggy Young for taking photos, Beth Crane for organizing most of the hundreds of details, Andy Crane for everything Beth didn’t do, including the down and dirty clean up the next day, Ramon and his buddies for hauling chairs, tables and gas grills before and after, and Deborah Travis.  Thanks also for those who stuck around and helped us clean up after we were done.

Most especially thanks to everyone who brought something to share for the potluck and all the performers for ensuring it was another magical night at Grace Church….. Michele and Fabe Choiniere, Ken MacKenzie plus Susan Palmer, Laurence Beaudry and Linda Morrison, Doug Perkins, Shady Rill (Tom MacKenzie and Patti Casey), Jim McGinniss and Andy Sacher, Neil Rossi, Bill Drislane and Liz Thompson, Yankee Chank (Bob Naess, Cannon Labrie, Jim Burns and Mark Sustic), Dominique Dodge and Rob Ryan, Lily Henley Band, Mike McCarthy, Hannah Beth Crary, Keeghan Nolan with Phill Tomeny and Tracy Lord, Frank Heyburn, Dave Hoke and Latimer Hoke, and Will Patton and Dono Schabner.

66 photos taken by Maggy Young are available on Snapfish (search Farewell Reunion 2013).