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Trad Camp Underway!

Yesterday we had a great first day at Trad Camp! 30+ campers…. Robin Hood selected as our crankie theme….. noon hour concert with Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Brian Perkins, Mary Wesley, Julia Wayne and Mark Sustic….. guest instructor John Creech doing guitar and ukulele (he’ll be back on Thursday!)….. home groups with Pete, Brian and Mary/Julia….. instrument petting zoo and loan program with Oliver,¬†Zachary Mills, Chris Krag and others….. Brian’s ‘Easy Band’….. intermediate and advanced tunes with Pete, Oliver and Brian….. contra and Morris dancing with Mary….. Turtle Lane Art and Nature Camp joining us for lunch.

Coming up today are our special guests¬†Joanne Garton doing Scottish dancing and Scottish tunes, Kathy Reilly doing intro to the fiddle, and Rose Diamond doing crafts….. more tunes with Pete, Oliver and Brian….. intro to the banjo and singing with Julia ……


African dance before lunch with Jeh Kulu….. lunch hour concert featuring Syrian music on Oud, Fiddle and Clarinet with Anwar Aghar and Jeff Davis….. Pete will do the warm session focusing on the crankie show and Brian will do the closing session…….. songs with Mary…… clogging with Julia….

There’s still room for more if anyone is interested….. come by for part of day, 1 day, a look-see, a lunch hour concert…. we’d be glad to see you