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England and Scotland Trip Completed

We are back in Vermont…. and Quebec (Nick), and Massachusetts (Caroline and Giulia), and Edinburgh (Gianna), and Munich (Deb). Thanks to all who put their heart and soul into making it such a great experience, and everyone who cheered us on.

Like the UK weather, the trip is already merging with other great and wonderful things we move on to, the things that got less emphasis while we prepared for and were away last week….. the things that were waiting for us when we got home…… I will reach back often in the coming hours, days, weeks, etc., and warmly reclaim many of the wonderful experiences we all had in the UK (a few, like 10 second showers, I will leave behind, thank you very much)…… but I will also filter the possibilities of everything else that lays ahead through this example of reaching for and achieving a dream that involves an incredible level of work, resources, and being in sync with 27 other people.