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Village Harmony Concert in Burlington on 7/28/14

Village Harmony Teen Ensemble II, led by Will Thomas Rowan, Carl Linich and Natalie Nowytski will present a performance at recently reopened College Street Congregational Church in Burlington on Monday July 28th at 7:30pm.

The concert will feature Balkan and Ukrainian village music, Georgian music, Occitan songs and contemporary pieces. Village Harmony is an umbrella organization based in Vermont dedicated to the study and performance of ethnic singing traditions from around the world. Each summer they sponsor ensembles like this one, both in New England and in numerous foreign countries, involving both teen and adult singers. Each group develops its own unique sound with a different international team of leaders, but all share common traits: a powerful, natural, unrestrained, vocal sound; a remarkable variety of vocal styles and timbres, as appropriate to the many varieties of ethnic and traditional music; and the visible, vibrant community among the singers and audience as they share in a joyous celebration of music.

For more information about Village Harmony’s summer camp and performance program, visit www.villageharmony.org. Village Harmony’s many recordings and songbooks will be available for sale at the concert.

Young Tradition Vermont (YTV) is dedicated to promoting, supporting and celebrating children, youth, and young adults singing, playing, and dancing traditional styles. Much of the most influential music and dance ever done was created by artists in their teens and twenties. YTV strives to help young people develop and experiment as part of a living tradition passed down from previous generations. The performers are young in age, but ‘old souls’, the latest in a long line of tradition bearers at the intersection of the past and the future. For more information visit www.youngtraditionvermont.org