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Fiddleheads in Grand Isle

Thanks to all for contributing to Fiddleheads at Grand Isle State Park last night (7/19/14)…. everyone who came early for the ‘rehearsal’ and picnic…… Frank Heyburn who joined in and helped bookend the group with 2 old(er) guys…… Isaac, Ceile and Sasha who finished booting the soccer ball into the lake and other people’s picnic set ups with at least a minute to spare before the concert started….. Latimer who turned off his beeper and left the Pirates of Penzance rehearsal with a few minutes to spare….. Lexi who rounded out the majority string sound with her flute and Sebastian continued to be willing to give everything a try, at least once…… Addison, Ceile, Sasha and Latimer who played solos during the concert.

Thanks also to Julia, Gordon and Calvin, Kathy, Pam, and Clea for putting ever more miles on their cars…… Larry and Kate for driving up from Middlesex and jumping in when we suggested doing a dance at the end….. everyone else who joined in the contra dance …. Jenny and the park rangers for giving us the space and leeway to do what we wanted, when we wanted, where we wanted….. the crew at Sed’s snack bar in South Hero for keeping the window open long enough that everyone got the ice cream they wanted (needed?!)……

Neglected to get take any photos…… if you happen to have any, send them along and we can post here later.

Next up for Fiddleheads is the rehearsal on 8/9 at the Burlington Violin Shop…… but we’re hoping some Fiddleheads folks will come to the FREE (including hot dogs from Al’s French Fries) Trad Camp reunion and open house this Friday (7/25) at the First Congregational Church in Burlington (6pm to about 7:30am).