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2 May 2015

Young Tradition Weekend Contest

The deadline for this coming weekend’s contest is now past.  Next step is to sort through and tally the total ‘likes’ from the video contest link (and e-mails for those who couldn’t get the on line voting system to work for them) and the YTV board of directors voting results.  Those 2 totals are combined, and from that we choose 10 winners who will be awarded $100 each AND invited to next Saturday’s contest at Waterfront Park in Burlington to ‘risk’ winning the $1000 overall prize.  Everyone who entered will get a message about results, and they will be posted here, hopefully before the end of the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and cooperation.  The big plus for us is seeing and hearing so much great stuff from everyone who submitted.  More details to come.  In the meantime we hope you’ll be able to participate in some or all of the 2015 version of Young Tradition Weekend.

2015 Young Tradition weekend 7x11