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16 April 2017

2017 Educator’s Conference cancelled

Our conference on May 5 was significantly under-enrolled and we gave ourselves until April 8 to get a minimum number of people confirmed and registered.   We did not reach the target and were forced to cut our losses and cancel.

There are at least 2 ways we intend to make lemonade out of this:

  • Establish at ‘Trad U’/’Trad University’, with which we accumulate video presentations with visiting artists who do other things for us, i.e. ‘here’s something you can do in your classroom, in your program, in your home, at your camp’
  • Replace the annual conference with workshops at other conferences, similar to what we did with Brian Perkins in early April at the Vermont Family Network conference and the Vermont Kindgarten Conference, adding deeper dives with the video project, which we can refer folks to when we do workshops at other conferences and meetings

This has been a rare ‘failure’ for YTV.  Failing at doing the conference successfully is like riding a bike. Assume that providing opportunities for adults to use traditional music and dance in their teaching as being comparable to the goal of riding a bike. People talk about bike riding when they want to remind us that some things, once learned, are not forgotten. What they don’t mention is how the learning happened. No one learns to ride a bike from a book, or even a video, or because of good intentions and confidence and skill at being able to do many other things. You learn by doing it. Actually, by NOT doing it. You learn by doing it wrong, by falling off, by getting back on, by doing it again. This approach works for lots of things, not just bikes. Most things, in fact. Programs and projects with Young Tradition Vermont included.