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Ready for Trad Camp!

Thanks to Aristote Zabili and Kerry Cullinan on Thursday and Sophia Donforth on Saturday, we have relocated all the bits and pieces necessary for Trad Camp to Lake Champlain Waldorf High School and are ready to launch on Monday morning.  Big thanks to the entire Waldorf School community for still welcoming us, accommodating us, supporting us, especially Laura Slesar and Lisa Espenshade.  Sophia and I have been working on Trad Camp 2017 for over year and though it’s hard to believe its here, we welcome it’s finally upon us.  Considering what’s in store, my only regret is that I can’t sign up as a camper!
I intend to post some sort of an update every day with some photos, so if you’re interested in that, be sure to friend the Trad Camp page on Facebook.  Is the quickest and surest way for me to exchange information.
 The Rowsome Family, very special guests from Dublin Ireland, will be with us on Monday, in addition to our scheduled guests for the day Village Harmony.   YTV Board member Migmar Tsering will start the day off with some Tibet singing and dance on Monday.   Would love it if you wanted to stop by and say hello, including if you want to have lunch with us from 12:15pm and 12:45pm for the daily lunch concert.   Lots more fun and surprises the rest of the week.
Mark Sustic