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Trad Camp Starts on Monday!

Trad Camp is next week!  We are in good shape and it’s going to be a phenomenal week.  Let us know if you have any questions.
Location is the Lake Champlain Waldorf High School at 122 Bostwick Road in Shelburne.
We have 54 campers signed up at this point, 9 of whom are half day.  There will be 10-12 campers in most classes, with some classes having a few more depending on demand and how many instructors are available.
Most campers are 9-12 years old, although we have handful of teens as well.
Workshops (10:30-11:00)
Campers choose from several options each day.  These are one-offs, an opportunity for instructors and guests to showcase something for a brief period.  Core instructors have a few of these to do over the course of the week, and at other times will have that time off.  A schedule of those workshops will be available at camp.
Pulling it all together (1:45-2:30pm)
This is a collaboration time, and the goal is to have campers playing and singing together, in preparation for Friday’s showcase. The material will include things from morning classes.  Pairs of morning classes have been assigned so that pairs get practice periods during the week.
We ask instructors and campers to arrive at camp before 9am each morning (8:30am would be best).  Camp is done at 3pm.  In the morning campers will settle into activities in the main hall, and that’s also where the day will finish each day.  There is both an “all camp sing” and an “all camp dance” at the end of each day.
There are two snack times during the day, which is be available on the porch, OUTSIDE the building, so as to avoid needing too much clean-up inside the building.  Everyone should bring their own lunch and sit outside with campers, instructors and other adults and guests.
Afternoon & Evening Events
A poster and a handout will be available if you need more information about what is planned each day AFTER 3pm.  Wednesday and Thursday showcases are a special opportunity for instructors to include campers.  We’ll have sign-up sheets each of those days at camp….. instructors will be asked to note what they’ll be playing on those dates so that campers can sign up to join them.
The school does not have air conditioning.  We will locate fans throughout the building to help with circulation.  Be sure to bring a water bottle!
The instrument petting zoo will be open for one period each day for campers to explore. Instruments used in classes (fiddles and ukes, mostly) will be stored separately, and kept in tune by a fiddle teacher from MA who is accompanying one of her students at camp.
We are still on the hunt for a few instruments to round out our instrument sampler offerings . . . if you have any of the following that you could loan us for the week, we’d be most grateful: mandolins, keyboards, banjos.