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Instrument Petting Zoo

The Instrument Petting Zoo (IPZ) is a collection of mostly stringed instruments that are installed at public and private schools, farmer’s markets, festivals, parks and recreation programs, music camps, and special events with the express purpose of letting people play them: the sign says ‘please touch the instruments!’ The most recent installation was at Vermont Children’s Hospital in Burlington on December 18th, and the next installation is scheduled for First Night! Burlington on December 31st at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington.

Many of the instruments have been donated and come to Young Tradition Vermont with a back story, which are displayed at installations with the instruments. The Wrenner Family from Essex donated several fiddles and shared this about them: ‘the three fiddles are well-loved student instruments. Rylee, now an accomplished classical violinist as well as fiddler, worked her way through several practice instruments as a little girl. Now that she has moved on to bigger and better instruments, these little fiddles are happy to make their home in the petting zoo where other little fiddlers can play them.’

Being able to interact with an instrument can be a key that opens a door to the world of traditional music and dance for children, which is at the heart of what YTV is about. The Instrument Petting Zoo is designed to facilitate the discovery of instruments, the music they can make, and the dancing that goes with the music. For more information about the YTV Instrument Petting Zoo here: https://youngtraditionvermont.org/2013/11/instrument-petting-zoo/.

More information about Young Tradition Vermont in general at www.youngtraditionvermont.org or by e-mail mark.sustic@gmail.com. Donations to Young Tradition Vermont can be made here: https://youngtraditionvermont.org/contact/support-ytv/

first time fiddler at Vermont History Expo installation in Tunbridge