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Rehearsal, Open House and Performance with Fiddleheads & Pascal Gemme

The is the rescheduled (from December), final session with Pascal Gemme after the residency he started in September 2017.  Usual rehearsal in the morning…  9:30am, 10am and 11am sessions…  but then an open house with snacks and treats between 12 noon and 1pm, followed by a performance of tunes Pascal has taught, with those who have learned them, starting at 1pm.  All at the Burlington Violin Shop.  Would be great if you were to send a message so we know who’s coming, and which part you can join us for!
More info Pascal, rehearsal levels and more here: https://youngtraditionvermont.org/events/rescheduled-fiddleheads-rehearsal-open-house-and-performance-with-pascal-gemme/

The primary goal of Fiddleheads is the enjoyment of traditional music and playing that music with others. Regular participation is welcome but not required. Other than a $5 donation for rehearsal sessions there is no cost associated with being part of the group.