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Touring Group on January 27th

Thanks to everyone for the contributions on Saturday January 27th at the rehearsal at Elley Long in Colchester and the performance at the Spice on Snow Festival in Montpelier ……  group members, artist leaders, youth leaders, parents, families, friends, neighbors…..  thanks in particular to …..

  • Susan Goodell for bringing and passing around the YTV stickers at the rehearsal
  • Alya Stern from UVM for catching a lot of video footage at the rehearsal that she, Myles, Aden and Mark will be working on the coming weeks
  • Deb Flanders for meeting with the parent and adult support system during the rehearsal
  • Brian Johnson for continuing to make it possible for us to operate within the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association building
  • Paige McIntire & Michael Conlogue for selling CDs and raffle tickets at the concert
  • Mark Zelis for the great group photo and for the Facebook live broadcast during the concert
  • Dana Robinson and the whole crew at Spice on Snow for inviting us, feeding most of us, creating the opportunity to perform for such a great audience

…… many others who could/should be singled out, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

A lot of supportive comments after the Spice on Snow performance that everyone should feel great about.  If interested, there are some video clips from the concert available on the Young Tradition Touring Group Facebook page.

Next stop is 2/24/18 in Greensboro….  basic schedule is 12 noon to 4pm rehearsal, 7pm performance.

We are making progress on fundraising, but have plenty of pre-tour CDs and raffle tickets to sell before we reach our targets.  Its the foundation of what makes what we do possible, particularly the Scotland trip.  Message mark.sustic@gmail.com if you want to buy or help sell some CDs or tickets for us.  Two important projects haven’t launched yet: social media campaign (likely Kickstarter) and shirts.  More info about those in the coming weeks.