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Fiddle Tunes Clubs

Young Tradition Vermont is doing 5 weeks of fiddle tunes club at all Burlington Elementary Schools starting on 3/15/18, in preparation for the launch of Young Tradition Weekend on 5/3/18 at Burlington High School with a dinner and dance.  Children in the clubs will learn 3 tunes, 2 dance specific and 1 waltz.  The clubs will teach the music, the members of the clubs will play for the dance all together on 5/3, and the music teachers at each school will teach the dances.  The concept grew from similar things done at Edmunds Elementary School and Integrated Arts Academy in previous years, now linked to the Young Tradition Weekend in 2018.  More info about Young Tradition Weekend here: http://youngtraditionvermont.org/2017/03/young-tradition-weekend-2/

Below is the schedule for the sessions, 5 consecutive weeks.
  • Mondays 3/19 through 4/16 at Edmunds Elementary School 3pm to not later than 4pm
  • Tuesdays 3/20 through  4/17 at Integrated Arts Academy, combined with participants from Sustainability Academy 3pm to not later than 4pm
  • Wednesdays 3/21 through 4/18 at Champlain Elementary School 2pm to not later than 3pm
  • Thursdays 3/15 through 4/12 at J.J. Flynn Elementary School 3pm to not later than 4pm
  • Fridays 3/16 through 4/13 at C.P. Smith Elementary School 3pm to not later than 4pm
We expect to have at least 2 people at each session, Mark Sustic at all of them and someone else depending on the location.  This is our attempt to not have adults with children individually, without an additional adult present.  Others involved in the project include Maeve Fairfax at Edmunds, Joe Cleary at IAA/SA, Lena Benwood at C.P. Smith, and Sarah Hotchkiss at Champlain.  We are still recruiting a 2nd adult for Edmunds and J.J. Flynn.
Young Tradition Vermont is offering these at no cost to schools or students.
Contact the music teacher at each school or mark.sustic@gmail.com for more information.