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Fiddleheads and Pascal Gemme

The final session of Pascal Gemme’s 4-part Fiddleheads residency at the Burlington Violin Shop, rescheduled from December, was celebrated with 3 group sessions, a bunch of new-to-us tunes, a cookie break (thanks to Foothills Bakery), and a short concert featuring some solo material from Pascal and everyone joining in on tunes learned during the residency.  Pascal will be relocating soon with his family to the Sherbrooke, Quebec area, an hour further from Burlington than Farnham, Quebec, so this might have been the last opportunity for these multi-session residencies.  Its been great while it was possible.  There’s not a more generous, kinder, fun loving and likable person than Pascal, and he’s made many young friends and fans over the past few years, driving the often icy, snowy roads of southern Quebec and northern Vermont to spend Saturday mornings with us.
Next up is a residency with Dominique Dodge as she helps Fiddleheads and her harp students prepare for another appearance at the Carolan Festival in Worcester (near Montpelier) in June.  More info about the festival here: www.carolanfestvt.com.  The first of the 3 sessions will include the usual rehearsal sessions in the morning…  9:30am, 10am and 11am at the Burlington Violin Shop.  Always helpful if you can send a message so we know who’s coming, and which part you can join us for!
The primary goal of Fiddleheads is the enjoyment of traditional music and playing that music with others. Regular participation is welcome but not required. Other than a $5 donation for rehearsal sessions there is no cost associated with being part of the group.