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Touring Group in Greensboro

Thanks everyone who supported and/or attended the Young Tradition Touring Group concert at the Highland Center for the Arts in Greensboro (2/24/18). Appropriate title for the location given that the Touring Group will be in the Scottish Highlands only 2 months later. The arts center is a ‘ship in the clouds’ jewel of place, a great place to spend the day, which the Touring Group did with rehearsing, eating dinner and performing.   Thanks to Annie, Valdine, Ted, Alice, Marc and everyone else at the Arts Center for both anticipating and accommodating every detail and request thoroughly and at the highest standard.

rehearsal in Greensboro 2/24/18

We were fortunate there were no weather challenges that day, given the time of year, and deeply appreciate everyone who came, including many friends, family and neighbors. 8 members of the group were elsewhere for this one, each and every one missed of course….. but an extra hand and bow to everyone who made the trek and soaked up the fun and worthy cheers and applause. As always, thanks to parents and group leaders…… none of this would happen without each and every one. Can’t say this enough…… our artist and youth leaders are the best, and make what happens keep moving down the one-way street from good to better to best: yeah Pete, Andrea, Dominique, Oliver and Rose! Here’s a video of the group doing the Quebecois set, one result of having Oliver Scanlon at the leader podium: https://youtu.be/Q3rZByATnHY

raffle quilt held by makers Rose Jackson and Mary Tyner

Finished the day several steps closer to fundraising goals, with the Kickstarter campaign scheduled to launch on 3/11 and the shirts to be ordered before the 3/24 rehearsal, the last 2 parts of the fundraising efforts. We have enough money now to get us to Scotland, and probably a few days into the itinerary, but to close it out, and get us all back home, we still have pre-tour CDs ($10 each), quilt raffle tickets ($10 each, 3 for $25) and sponsor banner space ($100 per listing) to sell. The big push in the month and weeks before the tour will be the Kickstarter campaign, so be on the lookout for details about that, including a Touring Group video that was premiered at the rehearsal in Greensboro.

Only 2 more Touring Group performances before leaving for Scotland: 3/24 at the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury and 4/7 at FlynnSpace in Burlington. Hope to see you at either or both :)) More details as needed from mark.sustic@gmail.com.

leaders Andrea Beaton & Dominique Dodge in Greensboro 2/24/18


leaders Rose Jackson, Pete Sutherland and Oliver Scanlon in Greensboro 2/24/18