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2018 Young Tradition Weekend

To be in the company of family and friends who love and carry on the legacy of music is an expression of cultural outreach and universal fellowship at Young Tradition Weekend….. doesn’t get better than that! (Lisa Ornstein, Oregon)

May 3 through 6, 2018
Admission to most public events is by donation
Suggested donations for the Saturday evening showcase and the Sunday tribute concert

at various Burlington locations including all Burlington Elementary Schools, Burlington High School, Integrated Arts Academy, UVM Music Recital Hall, Waterfront Park, Contois Auditorium at City Hall and the UVM Medical Center

Presented by Young Tradition Vermont with Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront and the Vermont Folklife Center with support from Burlington Public Schools. UVM Lane Series, BCA Center, Vermont Children’s Hospital, Best Western Windjammer, Professional Postering and Distribution and others.

Sponsors include Fiona & John Patterson, Kate Ross & Larry Becker. Aly Richards & James Pepper, Music for Sprouts, Julia Gilbert & Nathan Cleveland, the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival, and Green Across the World.

Every year in early May, starting in 2010, Young Tradition Weekend brings together young people interested in traditional music and dance, and those interested in what they do, and exposes the community at large to young singers, players and dancers and what they bring to the world. Its one of Young Tradition Vermont’s most important events each year. It is anticipated that at least 4,000 people will participate in one or more of the weekend activities. Young folks are the focus, supported by their teachers, mentors, friends and families. With opportunities to interact with others, young people use their inspiration and skills to inspire others to do the same.

Several things motivated the start and continuation of Young Tradition Vermont. At some point there was the observation that a lot of the traditional and folk music we listen to and enjoy is made when folks were in the their teens and twenties. The mission of Young Tradition Vermont is to ensure there are opportunities for young players, singers and dancers to be supported, have opportunities to learn and perform with minimal intervention/interference, to use their interests and skills to serve their communities, and to develop and experiment as part of a living tradition passed down from previous generations. We think of the young folks who are featured and supported as young in age, but ‘old souls’, the latest in a long line of tradition bearers at the intersection of the past and the future. We not focused on featuring the ‘stars of tomorrow’ …… our intention in to ensure the health and vitality of the next link in the chain.

More info about the weekend here: https://youngtraditionvermont.org/…/young-tradition-weekend…/

More information about Young Tradition Vermont at www.youngtraditionvermont.org or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YoungTraditionVermont

Here’s the plan for 2018……
• 3/15/18 – 4/18/18….. Fiddle Tunes Clubs at public elementary schools in Burlington including Edmunds, Sustainability Academy, Integrated Arts, Champlain, CP Smith and JJ Flynn (instructors include Joe Cleary, Sarah Hotchkiss, Lena Benwood, Maeve Fairfax, Johanna Taylor and Mark Sustic)
• 5/4/18 Friday 2:15pm-2:45pm….. Friday meeting with Cricket Blue at Integrated Arts Academy (not a public event)
• 5/4/18 Friday 7:30pm….. Fara concert at the UVM Music Recital Hall (this concert is SOLD OUT!)
• 5/5/18 Saturday 10am-3pm …… instrument petting zoo at Kids Day and contest finalists and guest performances including Fara, La Croisée D’Antan and others at Waterfront Park
• 5/5/18 Saturday 1pm-2pm….. Fara at Baird 5 Pediatrics at the UVM Medical Center (not a public event)
• 5/5/18 Saturday 6pm-9:30pm….. awards presentation featuring a set by 2017 contest winners La Croisée D’Antan, followed by teacher/student concert with dozens of musicians and dancers, including Andrea Beaton, Michele Choiniere, Tony DeMarco, Brian Perkins, Migmar Tsering, Elly Barksdale, Aline Niyonzima, and a final performance by this years Young Tradition Touring Group who will have just returned from a tour of Scotland at City Hall
• 5/6/18 Sunday 3pm 5:30pm…..Margaret MacArthur tribute concert with Andy Kolovos from the Vermont Folklife Center, and performers including Dan MacArthur, Gary MacArthur, Megan MacArthur Littlehales, Robin MacArthur, Gordon Bok, Norman Kennedy, Deb Flanders, Tony Barrand, John Roberts, the Zeichner Trio, Carol Johnson-Collins and others at City Hall
• 5/6/18 Sunday 5:30pm-7pm….. reception in the lobby at City Hall

Young Tradition Contest
Saturday activities include the finals for the Young Tradition Weekend Contest (between 10am and 3pm), which is part of Kids Day at Waterfront Park. The contest is designed to encourage young musicians and dancers to keep traditions alive and to support their involvement in traditional music and dance. In addition to cash prizes, the winners are provided performance opportunities in the region and linkages that would support continued involvement in traditional music and dance. More info about the contest here: https://youngtraditionvermont.org/…/young-tradition-weekend…/


Thank you so much for the fantastic weekend! It was a very good experience for the boys. there were really good contestants! Thank you also for all the work you do for young people, this is remarkable! (Anne Belleau, Victoriaville, Quebec)

Thanks for all your efforts to give the youth a chance to be recognized. My students had a great time and I just opened an email from one of the moms who ordered herself a UKE saying she was SO inspired and wanted to make music like the kids!! (Gretchen Koehler, Saranac Lake, New York)

It has been 7 years already we were in Burlington for the contest where we won the 1st place! Many thanks for having us play there. Who knows what would have happened to us without that contest! (Les Poules a Colin, Montreal, Quebec)

Traditional music is not just about the past relationship between Québecers and their American neighbours, it’s about the present and the future as well! Our most sincere ‘felicitations’ to the event organizers and participants! (Philip Martin Duguay, Attaché Délégation du Québec à Boston)

THANK YOU for a wonderful day at the Contest and Awards Reception! It was a lot of fun. My kids had never entered a contest before, and it was a great experience for them. They all had fun, and I think they learned a lot, and got inspired by the other kids. I think they were just as surprised as I was that they were chosen to compete; there were so many fantastically talented kids who entered. Thanks for making it possible. (Renee Staffer, New York State)