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Fiddle Tunes Clubs

We’re close to half done with 5 weeks of fiddle tunes clubs in elementary schools in Burlington, some schools a bit more than halfway, some schools a bit less. Thanks everyone for the assistance: music teachers at each school, session coaches including Maeve Fairfax, Joe Cleary, Sarah Hotchkiss, Johanna Taylor and Lena Benwood.

We have been working on 2 tunes to play together at Burlington High School at the community dinner and dance on 5/3/18: “Chimes of Dunkirk “and “Southwind”.  Hoping to get ”Galopede” under as well.  Other dance tunes will include: “Alabama Gal”, “Sasha” and “Black Joke.”

Numbers participating: 3 or 4 at Edmunds, somewhere between 4 and 12 from Integrated Arts combined with Sustainability Academy, 3 or 4 from Champlain, 2 from Flynn, 2 from Smith. If everybody comes, the “band” will be somewhere between 14 and 24 members on May 3.

Other musicians who know those tunes are welcome to join in.  Sheet music available from mark.sustic@gmail.com.

Help us spread the word about the dance!. Announcements, newsletters, websites, parents, colleagues, administrators, etc. The larger the number, the more fun and motivating it is.

Everyone involved has been wonderful to work with. The schools have invited children who are for the most part prepared and interested, and we’ve had good spaces to rehearse in. The coaches for each session have been enthusiastic, resourceful and flexible.  We’re all having a great time!

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. contact mark.sustic@gmail.com or 802-233-5293.