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Touring Group at FlynnSpace in Burlington

poster at Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Thanks all who came to the Young Tradition Touring Group’s final concert before leaving for Scotland at FlynnSpace on Saturday.  Andrea Beaton, Dominique Dodge, Rose Jackson, Timothy Cummings and Matt Brouard did the 1st set, and the 2017/2018 Touring Group finished it off with the 2nd set.

Pete, Oliver, Eliza, Dana and Molly were otherwise occupied, but we charged through the rehearsal at Elley Long and the concert well.   The rehearsal was mostly a run through the concert program plus a brush up on a few of the session tunes.   This is the group’s last official rehearsal, the ‘beginning of the end’ for the 2017/2018 Touring Group, which officially comes to a close on May 5 at City Hall in Burlington as part of Young Tradition Weekend.  Those who got the chance expressed appreciation to Brian Johnson, the guy who manages the Elley Long Music Center for the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association, and came in on Saturdays just accommodate us.
Thanks to everyone at the Flynn for presenting the concert, and all the individuals and organizations who have contributed to making the project possible.  The planning for the Touring Group project starts about 18 months prior to an annual performance tour, which this year is in Scotland, starting just 11 days from now.  We explore tour options for the following year through early summer, do recruitment and auditions over the summer, and begin rehearsals in September.  The tour for next year has not been announced, but we fully expect to have a 2018/2019 version of the Touring Group up and running by September 2018.  If you or anyone you know are interested in more information you can contact mark.sustic@gmail.com or visit www.youngtraditionvermont.org.
The set included Andrea Beaton and Dominique Dodge, two of the group’s artist leaders this year, Rose Jackson, one of 2 youth leaders this year, former members who have ‘aged out’, and now fill leadership roles, and two invited guests Tim Cummings and Matt Brouard, both great musicians, great friends and supporters of the organization and this group, and experienced travelers both musically and geographically within Scotland.

back of 2018 Touring Group shirt

Assuming we can account for the money turned in from everyone from fundraising projects, we have met all but one of our fundraising targets: CDs, raffle, sponsor banner, Kickstarter.  Only thing left is the shirts.  Great to everyone who picked up their shirts and paid for them on Saturday.  Thanks for those who took their shirts but didn’t have the payment…..  get that to Mark soon.  If you didn’t get a shirt on Saturday, we’ll have them on the bus when we leave on April 19th.  We will continue to sell CDs and raffle tickets through the Scotland trip and continue to take donations and Kickstarter pledges (through the 4/11 deadline).

Scotland Itinerary
Where we will be and when we will be there is fundamentally the same as previously announced, but some of the finer details still are being worked on (e.g. how long does it take to get from one place to another, where exactly we eat meals, where will we go and when for some sightseeing,  how many hours we can squeeze out of the bus driver day, etc.).  Lots of information about that and many other things to come to group members and families.
At the rehearsal, we talked about making sure that the group is center of gravity, that what’s best for anyone individually might not be what’s best for the group as a whole.  Some of the most independent minded people we know are part of this group, and Mark asked everyone to work on suspending their independence for the sake of the group when it’s called for.  Someone said, ‘this isn’t about you.’

Young Tradition Vermont is committed to ensuring that our programs and activities are designed to inspire, to teach and learn, to have opportunities for young people to perform, and for young people to use their inspiration, their skills and their performing opportunities to serve their communities, which in turn inspires others.  We are excited and proud of the Touring Group for helping make all of that happen within a single program!