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Touring Group Leaves for Scotland

A year and a half  of planning, 8 months rehearsing,  dozens of tunes-songs-dances-arrangements created and learned, thousands of dollars raised, and the Young Tradition Touring Group launches from Burlington at 12 noon tomorrow, Thursday, April 19th. Appreciation to everyone who has done so much, so well, so generously.   For every one of the 24 members of the group and the handful of adults traveling with them, there are at least 50 people standing behind them: families, friends, neighbors, teachers, schools, funders, donators, businesses.  Everyone in the group has done and will continue to do their best to represent those who have held and supported us, and given us their shoulders to stand on.  It’s a huge amount of work and responsibility, but I can’t imagine doing anything more fun or rewarding or worthwhile.  Some will stay in Scotland for further adventures, while others will return in the wee hours of April 30th, exhausted in the best possible way.  We hope to keep everyone updated as we move through Scotland and invite you to look in on us via the Touring Group Facebook, here on the web site, or via e-mail.  We will surely have stories to tell, and expect to have experiences that will last lifetimes.  When we’re back, ask us about it: we’ll be happy and honored to tell you!