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Young Tradition Weekend

La Croisée D’Antan

Young Tradition Weekend is Young Tradition Vermont’s signature event every year.  This year more than ever.

We just finished 5 weeks of ‘fiddle tunes club’ involving all 6 elementary schools in Burlington: Edmunds, Integrated Arts Academy, Sustainability Academy, Champlain, J.J. Flynn and C.P. Smith.  Those who learned tunes will play for a community wide dance on 5/3/18 at Burlington High School. Food is at 5:30pm, the dance starts at 6:15pm. All FREE!

Cricket Blue, IAA performers

On Friday, 5/4/18 Cricket Blue plays at Friday Meeting at Integrated Arts Academy starting at about 2:15pm, and Fara from the Orkney Islands in Scotland perform at what is now a SOLD OUT evening concert at the UVM Music Recital Hall.

Saturday is the Contest Finals from 10am to 3pm during Kid’s Day at Waterfront Park including guest sets by Fara and La Croisée D’Antan (contest winners).  The Instrument Petting Zoo will also be featured during Kids Day.  Contest finalists this year include: the Decatur Street Quartet, Nichofalls, Colin and Nolan, Alexander and Sebastiaan, Platinum Tide, Sam and Perin, Matt Brouard, Shannon Adams, and Ben and Romy.  Contest awards (1st place $1,000, 2nd place $500, 3rd place $250) will be presented at the Showcase Concert at City Hall after 6pm (more about that below).

Fara from the Orkney Islands

The weekend moves up to the UVM Medical Center on Saturday 1pm for a performance by Fara for pediatric patients, their families and floor staff.  On Saturday evening starting at 5:30pm there’s FREE pizza in the lobby at City Hall, preceding the award presentations for the contest starting at 6pm, followed by the student-teacher showcase, also at City Hall.  Performances will feature:

  • La Croisee d’Antan (2017 winners)
  • Sarah Hotchkiss and Sam Doherty
  • Michele Choinere and Isabella Rottler
  • Ava White
  • Sarah Blair with Adele Bernier, Lea Emmons, Estherline Carlson, and Anya Carlson
  • Ted Wesley with Mary Wesley
  • Hilari Farrington & Benedict Koehler with Yasi Zeichner and others
  • Honey in the Hive (Kristin Bolton, Andrew Munkres, Romy Munkres, Ben Munkres)
  • Elly Barksdale and the Newark Balkan Chorus
  • Neeru & Vermont Nepali Heritage Dance
  • Annabel Moynihan
  • Brian Perkins & ONE Band
  • Aline Niyonzima Mukiza and dancers
  • Andrea Beaton and Young Tradition Touring Group

Margaret MacArthur

The weekend finishes up on Sunday with a tribute to Margaret MacArthur including with family members Gary, Dan, Megan and Robin, Gordon Bok, John Roberts, Tony Barrand, the Zeichners and others.  A reception follows and includes refreshments and a chance to see ‘Margaret’s Waltz’, the film Rebecca Padula produced shortly after her death and featuring many of same performers plus the Boys of the Lough, Pete and Karen Sutherland, Dan Berggren, Skip Gorman and others.

Our hope is that these events and this information about them is part of a circular process.  Getting this information to you involves us more deeply in the story by telling you, our friends and supporters, which hopefully increases interest and participation, which  we hope increases your participation and support.  We like to think that what we do and what you do with us is in a constant pattern of growth, and serves as a source of pride in ourselves, the children and families who participate, and and in our community.

Gordon Bok

It’s an extremely rewarding collection of events and we’re very excited about each of them.  It would be an honor to have you join us, and help us celebrate young people being involved in traditional music and dance, and honoring those who have helped make what we do possible. Hope to see you there!

Questions or more information at mark.sustic@gmail.com