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Bays and Coyne come and gone

Randal Bays played fiddle, John Coyne sang and played bouzouki, Owen Bays played concertina and Rory Coyne played accordion.  Though the Dads did most of the talking, everyone played amazingly well, and it was performance at ground zero for YTV: master musicians not only passing forward the tradition, but sitting back and letting the next wave take the lead and finding wonderful new places to see and hear.

Thanks Kathy Reilly for extending another work day at the Burlington Violin Shop, making way for another beautiful evening of great players spinning out their music and stories.  And Pete Sutherland for set-up, clean-up, and rounding up extra customers.


Next up at the Burlington Violin Shop are Fiddleheads rehearsals with Dominique Dodge on 6/2 and 6/9, and a performance by Haley Richardson on 6/28.