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Haley Richardson and Don Penzien 6/28/18

Thanks everyone who joined us for the Haley Richardson and Don Penzien concert on Thursday June 28th at the Burlington Violin Shop. It was one of the many collaborations Young Tradition Vermont has with the Burlington Violin Shop and Vermont Violins. We do concerts together, about one a month on average, and it is where Fiddleheads rehearsals happen, also about once a month. Next one is on 7/14 with Eileen O’Grady as guest musician/teacher. As always, more details and info about that and much more at www.youngtraditionvermont.org. If you could share any of that with someone you think might be interested, it would be really useful to us.

Haley had been up this way a few times in the past and we were really excited to welcome her back. She had just turned 16 earlier in the week, morphing from phenomenally talented child fiddler to the phenomenally talented teen fiddler, performer, composer she is today….. and All-Ireland champion, Fiddler-of-Dooney, etc. Really happy that Don could come along as well. Besides being a great guitarist accompanist with Haley and many others, as a clinical psychologist he has a good perspective for those musicians who wonder why and what the heck we might have been doing when we were 16 years old :))

Thanks also to Donna Richardson, Haley‘s mom, someone who strikes a great balance between total support and dedication with letting her child take the lead with her interests and abilities. Reminded me of some other Moms I’ve known over the years who have trusted my proposals and intentions and sent or brought their talented teen daughters to northern Vermont to play music for us, mothers of teens-at-the-time Liz Carroll, Alison Krauss, Kathryn Tickell, Natalie MacMaster, etc. Donna wrote an article titled ‘Nurturing Musical Talent in Children’ that I know a lot of other parents have read and found useful as their own children got tagged somehow by the trad music world: https://youngtraditionvermont.org/…/nurturing-musical-tale…/

As with many of our events, we didn’t have enough people contribution to make it successful financially…… nothing new about that….. roughly only 10% to 25% of these things come out OK financially, meaning enough money comes in to offset the expenses. And that’s not even saying anything about sending the musicians off with something more than a basic amount, making it a little more worth their while to make a stop for us when they tour in our general area…… Burlington is not exactly on the way between Boston and Portland, but they made the effort and made it happen. I have convinced myself after the fact that these are investments in inspiration and interest building, and often enough make up at least some of the difference with my own contributions. It was great to see a few young musicians with their families attending this concert, BY an amazing young musician. Important to know is that just one person, like YOU, can make a huge difference by attending, or sending someone else in your place, or contributing if you can’t do either. For these smaller scale things, its often as few as 3 or 4 people that make all the difference. Reminds me a bit of the costs for home maintenance and upkeep….. its often a net loss, certainly in the short term, but it also has promise as a longer term payoff. Besides, its something you can enjoy while its actually happening, contrary to replacing the septic system, replacing windows, etc. And that’s getting very close to what Young Tradition Vermont tries to be about.