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Romy and Ben Munkres at the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival 7/28

Presented by Young Tradition Vermont and The Lake Champlain Maritime Festival.  

Sibling duo Romy and Ben Munkres, winners of the 2018 Young Tradition Contest, are returning to Burlington’s Waterfront Park on July 28 for a 30-minute concert set at the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival from 2:15-2:45 p.m.

Romy Munkres

 Romy Munkres (15) has been playing fiddle with her brother Ben for over 4 years, and together with their parents for 8 years. She also plays flute in her school band, and does many styles of percussive dance, including step-dancing from Appalachia, Cape Breton, Ireland, and other traditions.

Ben Munkres

Ben Munkres (14) plays trad piano together with Romy, but also plays jazz piano with the Middlebury Union Middle School jazz band. He also plays French horn in his school band and in the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association.

Both Romy and Ben have been part of the Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group for three years, participating in tours to Ireland, Cape Breton, Japan and Scotland, and attending Trad Camp in late July every summer. Their family (including parents Kristin and Andrew) enjoys playing music together and perform in a band called Honey in the Hive. The family also plays music for the monthly contra dance in Cornwall.

The Lake Champlain Maritime Festival commemorates the past, present and future of Lake Champlain and Burlington. Included in the festivities will be boat building, local food, educational exhibits, and the opportunity to view many different kinds of boats and boat demonstrations. The Maritime Festival is committed to enhancing the visibility and outreach of historical, educational, family and community organizations within the community.

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/231903977409511

Romy and Ben performing in Cheticamp, Cape Breton in April 2017

Watch Romy and Ben’s entry for the YTV Contest: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQSH6iMUQBU

See Ben and Romy’s winning performance in the YTV Finals here at minute 1:56:33 https://lcatv.org/young-tradition-contest-2018-2018-05-05

For more info about the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival: www.lcmfestival.com