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Trad Camp 2018

Thanks to all for a rewarding, successful, energizing Trad Camp this past week-Lake Champlain Waldorf High School (especially Lisa and Eva), manager (Yasi Zeichner), full time and part time instructors (Pete, Oliver, Annika, Brian, Jane, Clayton, Sarah, Paul), youth leaders (Anna, Ella, Ellie, Gracie, Ellen), guests, campers, sponsors, collaborators, volunteers (Jesusa for name tags and check ins every day!), and camper families for driving, feeding, paying for, nurturing, and sharing with us an amazing group of young, talented, energetic, creative singers, players and dancers…. wouldn’t have happened without everyone’s support and trust in us.

Extra appreciation to those who could and did stay late on Friday to clean up, pack up and deliver 2 van loads of petting zoo and loaner instruments and other gear to Burlington (yeah Kerry!) and Fletcher.

We will never be able to fully express our appreciation everything everyone did to make this year’s camp possible and successful. Thanks to all for bringing their experience, their movement and music abilities, their openness to learning new things in new ways, and their willingness to do the things others asked.

Thanks to Pete Sutherland for once again taking crankie leadership where needed, and to Paul Rochleau getting the ‘Blow Your Horn Hunter’ 2018 crankie done. It looks really great, and will be included in Instrument Petting Zoo installations throughout the coming year. We are proud of it, especially that everyone at camp made an important contribution.

Highlights aplenty, and dangerous to even start because of leaving out something and someone critically important the should be mentioned…..

  • Monday: visit by Village Harmony, the bear dance
  • Tuesday: visit by Benedict Koehler and Hilari Farrington, Shelburne Farms concert
  • Wednesday: visit by Katie Trautz and Julia Wayne, Fletcher Free Library concert
  • Thursday: visit by Pascal Gemme and Marie-Soleil Pilette, Summervale at the Intervale Farm concert
  • Friday: visit by Jeh Kulu, showcase at the end
  • Saturday: Romy and Ben Munkres at the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival

Interested in seeing comments, photos, and a few videos? The Trad Camp Facebook page has some: https://www.facebook.com/TradCamp/?ref=bookmarks. And we have a Google Drive folder with shared photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16iAhSvBy4IvxKPMLDrMwN07m4q4RLoIA

Have photos or videos you don’t see there? Please share on the Facebook page and in the Google Drive folder.

Hoping to get an evaluation survey out within the next week or so, for campers and families, for volunteers and crew, for instructors and guests. Watch for that.  As we start to think about next year, we need your feedback. We’re looking at the week of July 22 through 26 in 2019, the last full Monday through Friday in July. The Lake Champlain Waldorf High School is reserved. We’ve talked a bit about maybe a fundraising project to get the air conditioning system back on line, and there’s been some chatter about adding a 2nd week. More details to come about all that.

Here’s the lyrics to the song that was written by Clayton and Annika’s songwriting class, and performed at the end of the showcase on Friday:

Old man walking down the street, He’s got a banjo and his name is Pete, Hey Ho Jolly Pete –walking around with tired feet Our friend

Mark is a jolly old man He can do anything, yes he can Hey Ho Jolly Mark – he’s got a voice like a lark

Jane Jane lovely Jane Come to teach us ceilidh games Hey Ho Jolly Jane – she’ll never smack us with a cane

Brian is the friendliest man Trying all the instruments that he can Hey Ho Jolly Brian – when he plays he could tame a lion

Has the best beard of seven lands Taps out tunes with his great big hands Hey Ho Jolly Clayton – he’s got a name that rhymes with Satan

Annika Annika Does she play the harmonica Hey Ho Jolly Annika – likes a morning cup of strong mocha

Oliver is a foot percussioner He’s got a head that’s topped with fur Hey Ho Jolly Oliver – our jolly friend is a fiddler

Yasi is a step dancer If you’ve got a question go ask her Hey Ho Jolly Yasi – she is great at singing in key

comments on evaluation sheets

  • Monday 7/23/18 What did you try today? An instrument? A dance? A song? • a ‘D’ on the uke, and learned a sea chanty • banjo • piano • celih (sic) dancing • making a friend • banjo • the bear dance • everything • a song (Cider) • dancing • how to play uocolalle (sic) • mandolin • Cider • celiy (sic) dancing • ukele (sic) • banjo • a song, Billy Boy! • to do feet percussion • the sunflower round • mandeline (sic) • violin • celiy (sic) dancing • 2 songs, yay! • song
  • Tuesday 7/24/18 Did you make any new friends yesterday or today? Who? What will you do with them tomorrow? next week? next month? • I met Sam, Zane, Phinn and a bunch of other people • Bella, Isabella, Grace, Evva, Iris, Hazel • Rika, we will talk tomorrow • Erin, camping • Jane, sing maybe • June, play fiddle • Rita, acting • I met my violin teacher’s teacher • Ellie • I met a lot of amazing people, I can’t wait to see them all at camp tomorrow! • Lux! • Rika! • Aria! I don’t think I’ll do anything with her outside of camp • Charlie
  • Wednesday 7/25/18 What song, tune or dance you have learned at camp would you be proud to share with your family, friends, neighbors? • Cider • Brittch His Full of Stitches (sic) • The Seal Song! • Ford Smith’s Breakdown! (sic) • the jig that Oliver taught that I can’t remember the name of • Billy Boy with Jane • Coval Riff (sic) • Temperance Reel • the Tuesday master class polka • Coleman’s March!! • regain • More Water Rising • Brithes Full of Stitches (sic) • all of them! • The White Cockeral • Billy Boy • the Billy Boy song • Kaki, Do You Love Me?
  • Thursday 7/26/18 What skills do you need to be able to sing, dance, play with other people? • focus • focus • having fun! • focus • having fun • the ability to be quiet • not think too much! • partience • staying in tempo • friends • concentration • hands and feet • good eyesight to watch fingers • focus • energy • helpful • helpful • patience • helpful • confidence • learn coards • make sure your part goes with everyone else • cooperation • respect • listen to who is teaching you • cooperation (agree!) • hearing the other parts and feeling good in it • not getting distracted • sing
  • Friday 7/27/18 Where could you sing, play, dance what you have learned this week? • at home • home • home, with friends • anywhere! • chipotle • home • Walmart, with Mason Ramsy • home • Church Street • house concerts • Amaranta Hall • contra dances • with friends • Church Street! • school • with friends • Bagito’s