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Trad Camp Showcase at the Fletcher Free Library 7/17/18

This concert is presented by the Young Tradition Vermont and the Fletcher Free Library and is free and open to the public. For more information, email mark.sustic.@gmail.com

Trad Camp instructors and campers will be performing an evening showcase concert at The Fletcher Free Library on July 25, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. as part of Fletcher Free’s “Libraries Rock!” Music Series.  Join Young Tradition Vermont and trad camp students and families in the Youth Area to see core instructors who are among the best and most respected musicians and teachers in the area, perform alongside campers.

Performing at this concert will be: Brian Perkins, Jane Oxnard, Clayton Clemetson, Annika Amstutz, and several Trad Camp students.

Jane Oxnard will be one of the instructors performing at the Fletcher Free Library

Brian Perkins is a performer and music educator who teaches traditional New England and American folk song and accompaniment on a variety of stringed instruments. He also specializes in traditional New England dance tune performance on mandolin and trumpet. This summer at Trad Camp he is teaching the beginner ukulele class in addition to sharing accompaniment techniques with all kinds of string players.

Pianist Clayton Clemetson will also be performing

Jane Oxnard is a fiddler, singer and dancer from Northumberland in England and grew up in a strong Scottish tradition of the border counties, which heavily influences her playing, singing and dancing. She has been a member of several trad ensembles, including the Sage Gateshead’s Folkestra and the Northumbrian Ranters.  In 2012, Jane and her sister Ailsa traveled to Burlington with the Northumbrian Ranters, and 2 years later, the Ranters hosted the Young Tradition Touring Group in England. She taught at Trad Camp two years ago, and has returned to teach Scottish fiddle, song, and dance again this year.

Clayton Clemetson is a New England based pianist, singer, and composer. His contra dance piano career began at Maine Fiddle Camp, where he is now teaching beginner piano accompaniment. His passion for world choral music Village Harmony, led him to the countries of Corsica, Bulgaria, and England to study the local singing traditions. In fall 2017 he led dozens of workshops in world choral music throughout Europe and New England during a two month tour with Northern Harmony and, upon his return, he started his own choir Marlboro College, where he is getting a degree in Music Composition.

Annika Amstutz is a fiddler and elementary school teacher from Northampton, Ma.  She is the Assistant Director of the Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts and works closely with David Kaynor to support orchestra members in developing their skills.  She has performed regularly with a variety of bands in her area in a range of styles including bluegrass, country, Irish, and Zydeco and is often seen playing the 3rd Friday Contra Dances in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Brian Perkins teaching a class at Trad Camp 2017

Trad Camp is Young Tradition Vermont’s annual summer day camp held at the Lake Champlain Waldorf High School in Shelburne, VT for kids ages 8-17. The camp is a concentrated opportunity to be inspired by, learn about and perform folk tunes, songs, and dances in a variety of traditional styles.




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