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Young Tradition Touring Group Auditions

When are auditions held?: July through August 2018…… the touring group season begins late September 2018 and ends in early May 2019

Where?: auditions can be recorded on video, posted on YouTube (private posting is fine), and sent via e-mail to mark.sustic@gmail.com not later than 9/1/18 (earlier is better!)….. audition will proceed until at least 20 and not more than 25 slots are filled….. its in your best interest to submit earlier than later, in case we fill up prior to the deadline

Who can audition?: we are looking for singers, dancers and instrumentalists who will not be younger than 13 or older than 19 in April 2018….. those who are 12 or younger or 20 or older may audition, but the priority is thouse who are teens as of late April 2019

Who needs to audition?: anyone who has not been part of the Touring Group previously…. past members of the Touring Group can waive the audition….. if they choose not to audition, they have an essay obligation focusing on how they have or will use their abilities and previous experience in service to others, individuals, groups and/or organizations….. contact Mark Sustic mark.sustic@gmail.com for more specific details about the essay.

What should an audition include?:

  • a performance including a single instrumental, vocal and/or dance presentation done solo (or with a single accompanist), lasting for at least 60 seconds, as if performing for an audience….. a copy from an actual performance is acceptable….. members of the group will be expected to participate instrumentally as well as singers and dancers
  • at least one additional video sample of material not included in the performance video (e.g. if playing an instrument is featured in the 60-second video, the 2nd video should be a a different instrument, singing or dancing sample)

Can an audition be done in person?: Yes. Contact mark.sustic@gmail.com to schedule

How much does it cost?: There is no fee to audition….. there is also no membership fee to be in the Touring Group….. meals and accommodations costs for the late December retreat (not to exceed $250 per person) and meals, accommodations and transportation costs for the tour in late April (not to exceed $1,000 per person)

How will audition results be shared?: You will notified via e-mail not later than mid-September

Other questions? contact mark.sustic@gmail.com