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Liam O’Connor & John Blake

Thanks all who were interested in the Liam O’Connor & John Burke concert on Monday night 10/29/18 at the Burlington Violin Shop. Appreciation especially to those who weren’t able to attend because we were at capacity. To the best of our knowledge everyone who showed up were able to have a seat, though there were none to spare!

Thanks to Kathy, Oren and the rest of the crew at Burlington Violin Shop for co-presenting, and to Hilari Farrington and Bendict Koehler for helping to make it possible, AND attending. Liam is every bit of the fantastic fiddler we had advance notice about, and we hope we get the chance to see and hear him up this way again. John is a fantastic guitar player and flute player, but because of his recent bicycle mishap we got to hear his equally stellar piano playing and whistle playing, the only two instruments John’s bruised and sore limbs would tolerate.

Our next concert on 11/11/18 featuring Oisín Mac Diarmada & Daithí Gormley at the BCA Center, just down Church Street from the violin shop, near City Hall, has twice the seating space. We’re hopeful everyone who wants to attend won’t end up on another waiting list, or wait at the door for a vacancy. Hope you can make it. More info about that here: https://youngtraditionvermont.org/events/oisin-mac-diarmada-daithi-gormley/