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Baird 5 sessions

Guitarist on Baird 5

Hard to know how many Baird 5 music sessions we’ve done, but 11/19/18 was somewhere over 150, based on about once a month for 17 years. For this one it was Lexi and Mark playing tunes on fiddle and flute in the most recently located activity room (changes the past few months because of ongoing renovations.  Attendance on the floor was down, which is a good thing, given the holiday season.  The instruments brought from the instrument petting zoo were handled and given a whirl by children, their families, and volunteer staff.

Continued appreciation to the Child Life Staff at Vermont Children’s Hospital for encouraging art, music and other activities, at least a temporary distraction from the reasons children and their families are there.  Lexi and Mark will be back in December, hopefully with some special guests from Burlington High School.

If you are interested in more information about the music sessions, contact mark.sustic@gmail.com.