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Fundraising Appeal

Young Tradition Vermont is asking for your support!

When I was about 12 years old, I started getting involved in Fiddleheads. We went all over the state playing at fairs, dances and community events. Fiddleheads gave me a group of friends who loved the same music I loved. It gave me a chance to learn tunes, share them with the community, and see first-hand how much people enjoyed our music.

As Young Tradition Vermont grew, there was always a chance to do something new. I got the chance to perform with Tony Demarco in a mentor mentee concert. At reunion concerts, I connected with amazing musicians whom I admired.

As an adult, I stayed connected to YTV because I wanted to continue to be around the support and sincerity that characterize Mark Sustic, and the inspiration and joy that characterize the organization as a whole. I helped backstage at concerts, was a “zookeeper” for the instrument petting zoo where kids (and adults) try out instruments,and continued to be inspired by the talent and maturity of the young people involved. I even got the chance to go to Ireland with the touring group, and be inspired night after night by these Vermont teens who were connecting with Irish teens and wowing them with their enthusiasm and musical excellence.

And my experience is only one.  Young Tradition Vermont is committed to giving young people all over Vermont and the surrounding areas opportunities to learn, perform, serve and inspire through traditional music and dance.

  • Has YTV given you an opportunity to try a new instrument, new language, or new style of dance?
  • Has a young person you love had a chance to learn through one of YTV’s programs?
  • Have you been inspired by a YTV teenager serving their community by performing?
  • Has a kid you care about connected with like-minded friends through a YTV activities?

If so, please consider a year end gift to Young Tradition Vermont. The work of YTV builds artistry and community. But it doesn’t happen for free. People, space, instruments, hospitality and teachers all cost money. Please consider giving so we can continue to provide low-cost and free opportunities for young people in Vermont to try, enjoy and excel at traditional music and dance.

Contributions can be made via PayPal here, or by mailing a check to: Young Tradition Vermont, PO Box 163, Fairfax, VT 05454.


Sarah King
YTV alum, President, Young Tradition Vermont