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Touring Group at Bishop Booth

Today is day 2 of 3 for the Young Tradition Touring Group rehearsal retreat at the Bishop Booth Conference Center in Burlington.  Breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12, dinner at 5 (an hour earlier today).  More rehearsal this morning and afternoon between meals, then the concert that starts at 7pm in the dining hall.  Besides eating and rehearsing and performing today, we’ll learn some Nepali dance moves from Arati, and Gaelen will be back for more one-on-one interviews and filming the concert for his documentary project, some of which we’ll use for the Kickstarter video, to be launched sometime in mid-February.  We’ll also be filming some duo and small group performances.

Lots of photos and videos, but I don’t recall how to get them from the phone to this laptop, so those will have to come later.  To my eyes and ears, the group made leaps and bounds of progress yesterday, really sounding more and more and more like a group that plays together, with each other.  Lots of fun new material, and lots of fine tuning and going deeper with stuff from pervious rehearsals.  There’s stuff in there that will impress you, at least think about shedding a tear or 2, shake your head in wonder, and  laugh out loud :))  We had some fun at the end of the evening rehearsal filming a Pete’s Posse segment (#53, the final one for them for 2018).  Watch for that on their Facebook page by this coming Monday.

Thanks for Tony for opening Bishop Booth up for us and making sure we all had what we needed, and to Gare for preparing/serving our first meal together last night.

If you’re coming to the  concert, best if you can arrive after 6:30 so we have time to move chairs and re-organize the room for  you.  Pete, Jeremiah, Oliver and Addison as artist leaders will do short bits, 2-3 numbers each to start, then we’ll sow-and-tell some of what  we’ve all been working on since September.  Suggested donation is $15.

Haven’t been to Bishop Booth before?  Here’s a bit of a narrative, more than the GPS address is helpful (20 Rock Point Road, Burlington, VT 05401)….. from North Avenue, get on Institute Road, drive past Burlington High School on the right, after the school turn right and go through the entrance with the gateway that has THE ROCK POINT sign on it…… drive past the Rock Point School (on the left), past the Diocese office (on the left) and its parking lot (on the right)….. drive over the narrow bridge and make a sharp right turn after the bridge….. continue on this road after turning right, going past a house on the left, through a stand of trees, to the Bishop Booth Conference Center parking lot, which will be on the left….. enter through the doors nearest the parking lot, the one with a cleared walkway leading to it… we’ll be inside that building. 802-233-5293 is my cell if you need it.  Parking area is not abundant, so carpool if that’s an option.

We will have pre-tour CDs we’d like to sell ($10 each, featuring some really amazing artists, and folks we get to call ‘friends and neighbors’), and we are now collecting names (people, organizations, groups) who can commit to having themselves listed on the sponsor banner.  See any of the group members for details, or contact mark.sustic@gmail.com.  Can’t do this project without you and so many others!