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Young Tradition Touring Group Pre-Tour CD

The Young Tradition Touring Group produces a limited run CD each year as a fundraising project. We try to get it out in time for the gift-giving season and we use it to support the annual trip the group takes.  The title is ‘Friends and Neighbors’, and includes contributed tracks from folks we have encountered on our travels.  Just $10 each from group members or at performances.  More info from mark.sustic@gmail.com.

The Touring Group includes young players, singers and dancers who focus on learning and performing traditional music and dance over the course of a 9-month, September 2017 to May 2018 season, including performances in Vermont staring in January and an April performance tour. Group members learn from and are supported by a project managers, artist leaders, youth leaders and others, including master artists and other youth organizations. The Touring Group has traveled to Northumberland in England (2014), the West Coast of Ireland (2016), Nova Scotia (mostly Cape Breton), New Brunswick and Maine (2017), Japan (2017) and Scotland (2018) in recent years.

The 2018/2019 group is traveling to metro New York and New Jersey during the last full week in April 2019. Sales of this pre-tour CD is a major part of our fundraising efforts. It is a collection of contributions including current and past group members, artist and youth leaders, and artists we’ve encountered and been supported, encouraged and inspired by. Sales and distribution of this one-of-kind collection is limited by design. We only sell the CDs via members of the group and at events where the group is performing.

Many of the artists on the CD are world renown. We are honored to be associated with each and every one of them. Their generosity and eagerness to contribute assures us we are on the right track, doing good and important work at a high standard.

Deep appreciation and thanks to our dedicated friend and neighbor Howard Wooden, without whom the annual CD project would not be possible or successful. Cover art is from ‘Mt. Mansfield: Nose to Chin’ by Anne Standish, who has allowed us to include her art work to the project.

The Touring Group is one of 30 programs operated by Young Tradition Vermont. This year’s group is guided by manager Mark Sustic, artist leaders Pete Sutherland and Jeremiah Mclane, and youth leaders Addison White and Oliver Scanlon. For more information contact mark.sustic@gmail.com.