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12 January 2019

Trad Camp Update

Trad Camp 2019 – July 22-26

Trad Camp 2019 is on track to open registration on February 1st. A core class schedule is in progress, and Mark and Yasi are inviting guest instructors and performers to come for the mid-day period each day throughout the week. Village Harmony is confirmed to be the Monday guest, and requests to Moira Smiley and Jeh Kulu are pending currently. Core staff are: Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Brian Perkins, Sarah Hotchkiss, Jeremiah McLane, Jane Oxnard, and Anna Butcher. Anna is a new camp staff member; she has been a Touring Group member, Trad Camper since the beginning, and a youth leader at camp, and we’re excited to welcome her into her new role!

One difference in Trad Camp this year is that the cost of tuition has been raised slightly: this year it will be $275 for early registration, and $300 after May 1st (last year it was $250 early, $275 later). Scholarships will still be available upon request.