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1 January 2019

YTV at Highlight in Burlington

Thanks all for making what Young Tradition Vermont offered at the New Year’s Eve Highlight event in Burlington fun, well attended, rewarding, exhausting in the good ways…… Zach Williamson and everyone working with and for BCA and Signal Kitchen….. Barbara and the rest of the staff at Fletcher Free Library….. Aden and Prince for loading, unloading, monitoring, setting up, packing up, assisting with the instrument petting zoo, from early to late….. Rachel, Ava, Annabelle, Merry and Shannon for the harp set with Dominique Dodge….. Romy and Ben for the set of amazing tunes before heading to Richmond for Folknight…. and the hundreds of folks who came and went, participated and listened, clapped and cheered.

Prince and Aden at Fletcher Free Library