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Folk Alliance 2019

Alexis Chartrand and Nicolas Babineau

Young Tradition Vermont hosted three private showcases at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Montreal the second week of February.  From 10:30PM to 3:00AM performers with linkages to Vermont were featured—current and prior residents, frequent visitors, and collaborators with our programs and activities.  Registration for 11 young performers were supported by an anonymous donor, and additional support was provided by Cabot, a Co-operative of Farm Families since 1919.

It was the first time that Young Tradition Vermont has done something like this.  It was intensely fun, musical, friendly, inspiring…… exhausting, expensive, challenging, cramped.  A tremendous opportunity that may or may not happen again.  If the opportunity comes up, we now have a bank of experience and things to consider repeating, deleting, adding, adjusting.  We got to renew and make anew a bunch of long time and newly acquired friends who have had similar experiences and their own perspectives.

Thanks to the Folk Alliance for promoting, encouraging, supporting our participation, to Yasi, Oliver and Louli Zeichner for transitioning from hosting to performing and back again every day, to all the performers who participated, from the neighborhood to the other side of the planet: The April Verch Band, Bruce Molsky, The Faux Paws, Low Lily, Tristan Henderson, Gus La Casse,  Alexis Chartrand & Nicolas Babineau, Ethan Tischler, Jes & Jakob, Cricket Blue, Alash Ensemble, Fru Skagerrak, The Lumber Jills, Les Poules a Colin, Mike Wheeler, The Fretless, La Croise d’Antan, & Nora Rodes, and all the  folks who crammed into out little room at all hours of the night, many who were performers and organizers from other showcases, plus presenters, industry folks, DJs, agencies, and more.