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17 March 2019

Instrument Petting Zoo installation at the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival

Thanks to Bill Drislane for jumping in as zoo keeper, Ruth, Elizabeth and Elizabeth from the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival and everyone at the Fletcher Free Library, the Instrument Petting Zoo was available to several dozen children and their families.  All kinds of inventive ways to play instruments, including the ‘correct’ way…..  all in good fun.  Even had a string band emerge at the end….  hope to see and hear more of them!

Next up the petting is today, St. Patrick’s Day, at the Festival Ceili at City Hall…..  starts at 1pm, the same time Sarah King with Yasi Zeichner leads Fiddleheads through the tunes taught during the most recent residency at the Burlington Violin Shop.

Instrument Petting Zoo String Band

The Instrument Petting Zoo (IPZ) is a collection of instruments with the express purpose of letting people play them: the sign says ‘please touch the instruments!’ Instruments can be the keys that help open doors to the world of music and dance for children, which is at the heart of what Young Tradition Vermont is about. The petting zoo is designed to facilitate the discovery of instruments, the music they can make, and the movement that goes with the music. The zoo includes a variety of traditional acoustic instruments: mostly stringed instruments like fiddles, ukuleles, guitars, banjos, mandolins, autoharps, cellos, basses, etc. Many of the instruments come with a story that we share during installations of the IPZ.