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Touring Group Rehearsal and Performance at Elley Long Music Center in Colchester 4/6/19

Thanks all for being part of the day, working hard, chipping when needed/when asked yesterday at Elley Long in Colchester – 12:30 to 1:30 meeting, 1:30 to 5:30 rehearsal, 7pm+ performance.

I was so occupied with other stuff that I didn’t get a chance to take but a couple of photos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15Ktgb-lxH4ONYkct-o-ZyJuAFMlODrwH?usp=sharing and one video https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nwFsIFsmTGBhxMas_OTCmysWwzCGXR3C?usp=sharingduring the rehearsal. Needless to say I didn’t get close to setting up a live stream of the concert, as some had requested.

If anyone has photos or videos from the rehearsal and/or the concert, would very much appreciated if you could share them via the Google drive folders. Again, we need your photos for the trip photo album. I saw lots of cameras out during the concert – share ‘em please!  Or send directly to mark.sustic@gmail.com

Fundraising Projects
Haven’t summarized everything completely yet, but we have made some good progress on fundraising projects. We’ve meet our fundraising targets for concerts after last night’s contributions, and we hit our Kickstarter target several days ago – even so, Kickstarter continues until Friday April 12 at 6pm, so feel free to let folks know about it until then. If we exceed the target there, we don’t have to worry so much about not doing as well as expected on other stuff, like selling CDs – big thanks to those who have sold their allotments and more.

All but a few got their tour shirts yesterday. Those who didn’t can get them when we get on the bus on April 20th. Most have paid for their shirts. Those who have not should bring $30 on the 20th.

Try to limit your use of the shirts in advance of the trip. We’ll probably want everyone to wear them in a few to-be-determined situations during the trip. Want to make sure they are in good shape for that.

Stage clothes
It was suggested during the meeting that everyone bring 2 sets of stage clothes, just in case something happens to while on the trip. You should pack as lightly as you can, but having extra stage clothes could be a lifesaver.

Room Assignments at the Hostel
Room assignments have been made for the hostel in New York.  We are staying in the same place and having breakfast there for the entire trip: HI (Hosteling International) New York City, 891 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025, 212-932-2300 www.hinewyork.org

Travel Forms
Got completed forms on Saturday from 11 of the 39 who are traveling. Please get yours done and hand them to me in a packet when we get to the bus on April 20th. Anyone who’s traveling with the group should complete the forms that apply to them.

Trip Itinerary
I went over the Google calendar format for how to find details about the trip. All adults who will be on the trip have been sent an invite so that they can view that calendar. I will also share with any group member or parent of group member who sends me a request. If you don’t have a gmail address as e-mail, you’ll be getting an invite to gmail as result. I’ll leave that choice to you, to respond to as you wish.

Please note that some details are still being ironed out and may change between now and our departure on April 20th, so don’t take what’s in the itinerary right now as the final word. It will basically stay the same, but there will be some shuffling of times, specific plans, contacts, etc.

Bus Pick Ups and Drop Offs
I need to know between now and as soon as possible, absolutely not later than this coming weekend, about who’s not going to be meeting us at the bus in Burlington the morning of April 20th. We want to accommodate requests that are doable, but that said, timing is really important. More than 2 or 3 convenience pick ups on the way down (and coming back) are probably not going to work schedule-wise.

I heard some requests at the meeting, but need to get a message from anyone who needs a pick up on the way to NY (and on the way back on April 28th). We need to know precisely (meaning a specific GPS-friendly address) where you are proposing the pick up will be (and drop off on the way back). These places must be on the bus route – the bus will leave (and return to) Burlington then south on Route 7 to 22A through Vergennes to Route 4 just north of Fair Haven, then west on Route 4 to Route 149 west through Whitehall and Fort Ann to I-87 south all the way to New York.

This is important – pick up and drop off points should be coordinated so that several folks can be picked up at the same time, at the same pick up point. One person here, another there, etc. might not work with our tightly timed drive estimate…. please do what you can to team up with others who are reasonably close to where your exact preference is for a pick up/drop off.

These will be very quick stops, and the bus won’t be able to wait long – just enough to load luggage and find a seat – not time for long goodbyes or hellos/messages to others on the bus.

These stops must be at an easy in/easy out location for a large bus/coach. If you aren’t sure, please find out before proposing a pick up/drop off spot.

Good idea to bring a copy of your passport, if you have one, not the actual passport. We don’t really need it on this trip, and wouldn’t want to take the risk of losing it. Some sort of ID with a photo would be wise to bring.

End of Week Transitions
4 of the adults traveling with the group need to split off toward the end of the week. Several parents said they could step in then if needed. I don’t remember exactly who that was, so send me a message individually if it applies.