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10 Years of Integrated Arts Academy

Thanks to the folks at Integrated Arts Academy for the appreciations and recognitions at its 10 year celebration at Burlington High School 5/30/19.  Most especially to departing leaders Bobby Riley and Judy Klima, who will taking their enthusiasm and creativity other schools in the Burlington school district.  Its been our great pleasure and to our great benefit to contribute to the wonderful work the people at IAA does with its students every year, every month, week, day, minute.

Attending were YTV board members Sarah King, Brian Perkins and Mark Sustic.  Brian did a presentation of the ONE Sings program that YTV started several years ago, in a mix that also included ONE Strings and ONE Step.

Bjorn, Zoe and Sam with teacher Sarah Hotchkiss played fiddle tunes during the reception, before the debut screening of the documentary ‘The Creative Brain’, featuring people and purposes at IAA.