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28 May 2019

Trad Camp 2019 – July 22-26

YTV Trad Camp begins in 7 weeks – and we only have 13 open spaces at camp! If you’ve been planning on signing up your young musician, now is the time to do so. We have a full week planned with core instructors Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Jane Oxnard, Sarah Hotchkiss, Anna Butcher, Brian Perkins, and Jeremiah McLane, and various guest instructors including: Village Harmony, Benedict Koehler & Hilari Farrington, Joanne Garton, Moira Smiley, and Jeh Kulu. Trad Camp’s immersive experience includes everything from singing, fiddle and ceilidh dancing classes, to accompaniment and composing tunes classes, as well as surprise workshops with core staff and special guests!

Age range for camp is 8-16, tuition is $300. Visit the Young Tradition VT website for more info and to register:

Some other info:

A crankie song has been chosen! This year it is Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight, also known as The Outlandish Knight. Campers will illustrate a version of Margaret and Megan MacArthur’s rendition of this ballad. Keep an eye on the Trad Camp Facebook page for more crankie updates.

This year, there will be a camp showcase on Friday evening, after camp’s afternoon class performances. This will be an instructor showcase at Burger Night at Bread and Butter Farm in Shelburne. If you are planning on attending this showcase, you should get your tickets in advance. They do sell out!

We will be welcoming some young musicians back to camp as youth leaders – Benjamin and Hadley will be first-time youth leaders this summer, and this is what they have to say about Trad Camp:

My very first time playing the fiddle was at Trad camp, I was nervous and had no idea what I was getting into. Not only did Trad Camp welcome me into this community, but they have continued to inspire me throughout my six years of playing.

Trad Camp is a great opportunity for both beginners and experienced players because of the diverse group of instructors who are used to teaching a wide variety of skill levels. This is one of the reasons that many return year after year; there is always something you can learn. When I first started, I showed up to Trad Camp without knowing how to hold a bow or how to tune fiddle strings. I returned to Trad Camp even after I started taking fiddle lessons, and many do the same. Trad Camp gives kids amazing opportunities and introduces them to a whole new community of diverse and interesting people. – Hadley S.

Being a classically trained musician, traditional music always seemed strange to me: playing music for fun? It was a foreign concept. This, combined with my inexperience in playing by ear, made my mood one of great apprehension as I first stepped into the beautiful cork-floored dance hall of Waldorf high school for my first week of Trad Camp. I needn’t have worried. Trad Camp provided me with exactly the nurturing environment I needed to grow as a musician, exposing me to new techniques, styles, and vocabulary. I learned to love the traditions of America, Quebec, and the British Isles, but also France, Eastern Europe, Tibet, the Mediterranean, Southern Africa, and just about every other region of the world. I discovered new ways of making music, as well: the “Instrument Petting Zoo” provided me great opportunity to experiment on and learn about new instruments, singing classes taught me the basics of harmony singing, and guests from all over the world shared dances from their homelands. To this day I remember the words of Irish mouth-music songs, Islamic prayers, sailing songs, Lithuanian folk pieces and much more. But of all the things I learned at Trad Camp, one I will carry with me for the rest of my life: the unbelievable, over-the-top fun of playing great music with great friends. Nothing beats a good jam session. – Benjamin P.