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Young Tradition Festival 2019

April 29 – May 5, 2019

Young Tradition Festival 2019 was a great success, and Mark and Yasi hope to carry that momentum forward to 2020! The festival (formerly Young Tradition Weekend) included:

  • A weekday evening concert series at BCA – Andrea Beaton and Veronique Plasse, Alison De Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves, Le Vent Du Nord (sold out concert), Genticorum (sold out), and Martin Hayes (sold out). Each evening began with an opening set from festival host band, Pete’s Posse.
  • Nightly festival clubs at the Half Lounge on Church St., hosted by Pete’s Posse – each day ended with late night jamming in the light of a disco-ball.
  • Saturday workshop with Martin Hayes at Burlington Violin Shop – eleven fiddlers and one harp player attended! Even a couple folks without instruments got something out of listening.
  • YTV Contest Finals at City Hall – the incredible talent made it difficult to feel satisfied with only a few winners. Perhaps that’s why we had two ties: congratulations to Spintuition and Nora Rodes (tied 1st place), and Beinn Mhór and the Two Tones (tied 3rd place)!
  • Mentor-Student Showcase Concert – there was everything from Irish fiddling, original accordion pieces, and Balkan singing, to a Tibetan dramyan orchestra, Nepali sarangi and drum music, Bhutanese dancing, and a Yiddish crankie song. There was also a finale from the YTV 2019 Touring Group, their final performance.
  • Martha Pellerin Tribute Concert – friends and family of Martha Pellerin came together to share songs and stories about her. There were laughter and tears, and the concert ended with Benoit Bourqe coming off the stage to lead the audience in a circle dance.

Thank you to everyone who made the festival possible: major sponsors (Vermont Folk Life Center, Seven Days VT/Kids VT, Burlington City Arts), sponsor banner contributors, host band Pete’s Posse, Oliver Scanlon on sound tech, volunteers at various events, YTV board members who came and volunteered, and each musician or dancer who added their spark to the festival.

Photos of the festival can be found on the YTV Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/YoungTraditionVermont/photos

Videos of the weekend events can be viewed at the following links, thanks to Rebecca Padula at LCATV.

  • Contest: http://lcatv.org/young-tradition-contest-finals-2019-05-04\
  • Mentor-Student Showcase: http://lcatv.org/yt-mentor-student-showcase-2019-04-04
  • Martha Pellerin Tribute Concert: http://lcatv.org/yt-martha-pellerin-tribute-2019-05-05