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Young Tradition Festival 4/29/19 through 5/5/19

Thanks all for helping, hosting, performing, organizing, supporting the 2019 Young Tradition Festival, the 16th year we’ve done what was previously called Young Tradition Weekend.

Yasi Zeichner managed the festival, working closely with Mark Sustic as Executive Director.  Thanks to everyone who contributed/volunteered for various important work detail through out the week, including Zach Williamson and the crew at BCA, Katie Hodges at Seven Days and Adrian Sackheim at Half Lounge, YTV board members Danielle Devlin, Sarah King, Alyssa Miller & Ani Kulik, Andy and Linda Suntup, Dan Close, Ian Drury, Andy Kolovos, Chris and Doug Campbell, Paul Rocheleau, Oliver Scanlon, Elizabeth O’Dowd, Fagan Hart, Ann Pearce, Susan Torncello, Chris Hadsel, Robert Resnik, Kevin Dunwoody, Julia Wayne, Duncan Yandell and no doubt others not included in this list.  Especial appreciation those who arranged and assisted with ASL/French/tactile interpretation for the tribute concert on Sunday, including the Vermont Center for Independent Living, Joan Pellerin, Sue Booth and Jordan Mark Goldman.

Collaborators included BCA Arts Center, Half Lounge, Kids VT, Seven Days, Vermont Folklife Center, Burlington Violin Shop, Lake Champlain Access TV and others.

Performers included Pete’s Posse (host band), Andrea Beaton & Véronique Plasse, Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves, Le Vent du Nord, Genticorum, Martin Hayes, Don and Cindy Roy, Benoit & Antoine Bourque, Claude Methe & Dana Whittle, Michelle Choiniere, Carmen Beaudoin Bombardier, Kim Chase, Carol Reed, and students from the Franco American Song Class.

Contest finalists included Nora Rodes and Spintuition (tied for 1st), Beinn Mhór and The Two Tones (tied for 3rd), the Burlingtones, the Kowal Family, Owen Kennedy, Risthika & Isha, and Courtney & Cordell Drew.

Showcase performers included Romy & Ben Munkres (2018 contest winners), Sarah Hotchkiss with Zoe Sliter & Bjorn Peterson, Laura Markowitz & Ana Ruesink with Aidan Palmer & Lila Carlton, Brian Perkins with ONE Band, Aline Mukiza with Ikiwacu Club, Annabel Moynihan with Beacan Sadowsky, Elly Barksdale with Newark Balkan Chorus, Risthika Pele and Isha Gurung (representing Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group), Migmar Tsering with Rolling Lobling, Deb Flanders with Nora Rodes, Dominique Dodge students Ava White & Merry Kimble with Alexander Alllison and Jeremiah McLane, Shyam Nepali & Amy Beshara with Anubav, Soyam, and Pranawa, Honey in the Hive (Romy, Ben & Andrew Munkres & Kristin Bolton), Jeremiah McLane with Sebastiaan West and the Young Tradition Touring Group with Oliver Scanlon & Addison White.

Sponsors included everyone on this poster……

Some initial planning underway for 2020, with the same sequence of early evening concerts during the week, contest finals and showcase concert on Saturday, and a tribute concert on Sunday.  We expect to resume school and UVM Children’s Hospital programs in 2020.